Broad Capabilities Make Viasystems a Preferred Backplane Supplier

Viasystems provides a complete solution for backplane (backpanel) fabrication and assembly from our low-cost manufacturing facilities.

Backplane Fabrication

Viasystems builds all sizes and types of backplanes, including some of the largest and most sophisticated backplanes in the world. We have the equipment and the advanced technology for the following features:

  • Layer count up to 60 layers
  • Panel size up to 50"x24", 1270x610mm
  • Maximum thickness 0.400, 10mm
  • Aspect ratio 16:1
  • Impedance control single and differential lines
  • Blind vias/controlled-depth drilling
  • Backdrilling multiple depths from both sides
  • Standard FR4 to low-loss material and hybrids

Backplane Assembly

Viasystems has set up significant capabilities in our low-cost region facilities supporting our customer requirements. We offer a wide range of capabilities, including both leaded and lead-free processes, to assemble components onto a printed circuit backplane board. Components include active and passive devices, thru-hole (soldered) components, press fit (compliant) components, and a variety of mounting hardware. Full test and AOI capabilities insure the highest quality delivered products.