Global Resources To Get Your Products To Market Faster

Viasystems offers both printed circuit board and electro-mechanical prototyping solutions to help you develop your products and get them to market faster.

Printed Circuit Board Solutions

Viasystems provides a wide range of PCB solutions to our customers’ fast time-to-market requirements. We have dedicated QTA operations capable of supporting PCB prototypes lead times as short as 24 hours. We also offer quick-turn/prototyping from our production facilities with lead time as short as 5 days, depending on the technology and layer counts. With our production line based prototyping solutions, Viasystems minimizes the qualification/approval process, thus saving time, money and resources, to meet a faster time-to-market.

Electro-Mechanical Solutions

Viasystems provides comprehensive front-end engineering services, including custom mechanical design, thermal management design solutions and related design services resulting in efficient manufacturing and delivery. We offer quick-turn prototyping that allows us to provide small test quantities to our customers' product development groups. Our participation in product design and prototyping allows us to reduce our customers' manufacturing costs and their time-to-market and time-to-volume and enable us to better understand our customers’ requirements for advanced engineering services. In addition, by working closely with customers throughout the development and manufacturing process, we often gain mutual insight into future product requirements and optimization.