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Our Values

People are the source of our success. We treat one another with respect, promote teamwork, and encourage personal freedom and growth. Leadership and excellence in performance are sought and rewarded.
Customers are the reason we exist. They receive our strongest commitment to meet their needs.
Our products and services reflect dedication to quality, innovation, and value.
Our conduct demonstrates integrity and commitment to ethics, safety, health, and the environment.

Human Resources Philosophy & Strategy


Do the right thing in all that you do.
Do the best that you can do. (Help employees realize their maximum potential)
Treat others as they want to be treated. (Understand the advantages of a diverse workforce)


To establish Viasystems as one of the world’s most successful PCB & E-M Solutions companies, as measured by our customers, employees, stakeholders, competitors and communities.
To achieve and maintain the competitive edge by retention, development, and motivation of our employees enabling them to maximize their performance.
The quality of Viasystems’ human effort is the most significant source of our competitive edge.

Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity

Viasystems is committed to provide a work environment that values diversity among its employees. All Company human resources policies and activities intend to create a respectful workplace in which every individual has the opportunity to reach his or her highest potential.

Consistent with its obligations under the applicable laws and regulations governing employment matters, it is Viasystems' policy to provide employment opportunities equitably to all individuals throughout the Company regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status or disability. Viasystems will not tolerate harassment or discrimination against any person. The policies mentioned previously apply to both applicants and employees and in all phases of employment, including recruiting, hiring, placement, training and development, transfer, promotion, demotion, performance reviews, compensation and benefits, and separation from employment.

Viasystems' human resources policies and planning efforts are designed to help the Company better implement its equal employment opportunity objectives. All levels of supervision are responsible for monitoring and complying with Viasystems' policies and procedures for handling employee complaints concerning harassment or other forms of unlawful discrimination. Because employment related laws are complex and vary from state to state and country to country, supervisors should obtain the advice of our Legal Department in advance whenever there is any doubt as to the lawfulness of any proposed actions or inactions.

Viasystems’ employees are expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for their work environment, and are also expected to be sensitive to and respectful of the concerns, values and preferences of others. Viasystems' efforts to provide a diverse and respectful workplace depend upon the individual commitment of all employees to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes such an environment. Whether an individual is an employee, contractor, supplier or otherwise works at a Viasystems site, he or she is encouraged to report any practices or actions believed to be inappropriate to his or her supervisor, the Legal Department or to the Human Resources Department.

Environmental, Health, and Safety

At Viasystems, protecting people and the environment will be a part of everything we do and every decision we make. Each employee has a responsibility in ensuring that our products and operations meet applicable government or Viasystems standards, whichever is more stringent. Our goal is to eliminate all injuries, prevent adverse environmental and health impacts, reduce wastes and emissions and promote resource conservation at every stage of the life cycle of our products. We will report our progress and be responsive to the public.

All employees are required to be alert to environmental and safety issues and be familiar with environmental, health and safety laws and Company policies applicable to their area of business. Since environmental, health and safety laws are complex, subject to frequent changes, and vary from country to country, employees should obtain the advice of the Viasystems Legal Department whenever there is any doubt as to the lawfulness of any actions or inactions.