Superior Reliability for Mission-Critical Applications

Superior reliability is the overriding issue for military and aerospace electronics. Regardless of application they must perform in the most extreme environment and hazardous situations. Product failure is not an option.

As military and aerospace electronics are reduced in size to increase functionality and reduce weight, they incorporate new technologies that need to be thoroughly tested and proven reliable. These new processes must be characterized “stable and controlled” before they can be implemented in mission-critical applications. Viasystems works with our customers to reliably employ advanced technologies such as embedded resistors, advanced thin-film embedded capacitance and HDI structures.

Viasystems offers a multi-site, highly reliable, global solution to the military/aerospace community.

  • Defense/aerospace certifications
    • Viasystems Oregon is MIL-PRF-31032 and AS9100 certified. NADCAP is scheduled for September 2010.
    • Viasystems San Jose is MIL-PRF-55110 and MIL-PRF-31032 certified.
  • Proven facility audit track record
  • Advanced technology
  • PCB quick-turnaround (QTA) support
  • Prototype to production in the same facility
  • World-class engineering commitment and support
  • Proven superior product reliability and quality
  • Low-cost Asia manufacturing when no ITAR license required
    • Viasystems-Huiyang, China is scheduled for AS9100 certification by January 2011.